Meta Krese

Meta Krese as a journalist and photographer works for Slovenian newspapers and magazines, occasionally for foreign ones as well; she is the author of two monographs on photography, has provided photographs for several books, some of which she wrote. She was the editor of Fotografija, a Slovenian photography magazine for a decade. Her numerous articles, mostly concerning social themes, come from Slovenia and more remote places, but also from the less distant but nonetheless interesting Balkan countries. She has prepared some solo exhibitions and collaborated in several collective exhibitions.

She has worked with humanitarian organisations such us Red Cross Slovenia, International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victim Assistance and ISOP – Innovative Sozialprojekte with poet and writer Maruša Krese.

Selected awards and recognitions

  • Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting, grant, 2019-2020
  • Lange-Taylor Prize, shortlisted, Duke University, 2019
  • Lange-Taylor Prize, shortlisted, Duke University, 2018
  • Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting, grant, 2015-2016.
  • Winner of the European “Writing for CEE 2011” journalism prize
  • Prize for outstanding journalism from the Slovene Association of Journalists, 2006

When Life Ends at 45
City of Women, Slovenski etnografski muzej – SEM, 2003

Fotografie di lotta e lavoro
Galerija narodnega doma, Trieste, Italia 2006
Photo: Branko Čeak

Ernesto Cardenal by photos of De repente anocheciơ (Maruša Krese poems, Meta Krese photos)
Antigua Casa de los Leones, Granada, Nikaragua, 2009

The world as it is : photography
– the conscience of Slovene society
Ribnica, Miklova hiša, Slovenija, 2011

Photo: Dragan Arrigler

The winner of the European “Writing for CEE 2011” journalism prize

Photo: Matej Leskovšek

Diwan (Maruša Krese poems, Meta Krese photos), Feldbach, Avstrija, 2008

Photo: Boštjan Botas Kenda

Dom nekje med Turčijo in Avstrijo, Mestna knjižnica Ljubljana, oktober, 2011.

Turki prihajajo
Galerija Mikado, Slovenia, Ljubljana, 2009

Photo: Borut Krajnc

Fragments of Happiness in Art
Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013

Photo: Borut Sluga

Rasti – kultura
Mikado, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014

photo: Borut Krajnc

Alle, die Hier Sind, Sind von Hier
Rotor, Graz, Avstrija, 2015.

What They Saw : Exhibition of Photographers for the Dnevnik Daily
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, 2018

Photo: Brane Maksimovič

If Slovenia were…
Grad Rajhenburg, Slovenija, 2018.

No End, Director: Jakob Krese Cinematographer: Jakob Krese, Meta Krese
DOK Leipzig 2018

Photo: Sandor Tence

Exhibition of the students of the Higher School of Applied Sciences (VIST) programme Photography
Galerija Mikado, Ljubljana, 2019

Waiting in Vein / Aspettiamo invano
Stories of refugees from Srebrenica / Storie di profughe di Srebrenica
Theatre, Trieste, Italy, 2021 / Teatro Miela, Trieste, Italia, 2021

Waiting in Vein; Stories of refugees from Srebrenica
Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2023

Have You Come to Stay? Meta Krese
City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2003

bridges and breaches / brücken und brüche / mostovi in prelomi
Pavelhaus, 2023, Austria

For Your Pleasure
Feminist Positions in Visual Art in and from Slovenia
Museum of Modern Art, Slovenia, 2023/24

We are not machines
Reflection of political systems in photographs of textile workers
Museum of Dolenjska, Novo mesto, Slovenia, 2023/24

foto: Boštjan Pucelj


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