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Fotografija – vest slovenske družbe / Photography – the Conscience of Slovene Society

Text: Meta Krese
Galerija Miklova hiša, Ribnica

Marx came of age the year of the camera’s invention, writes John Berger in his essay Uses of Photography.This fact is certainly not of key importance for the history of photography, and the same may probably be said with regard to the understanding of social systems. It does, however, invite us to think about the social function of photography and the social role of photographers, and challenges us to look at that alternative use of photography – to use Berger’s phrase – that crosses over into the context of social experience and incorporates it into political memory. When we recognise not only the aesthetic value of photography but also (or only) its interpretive value, and when we cease to treat it merely as evidentiary material, it becomes a legitimate part of the social, economic and intellectual field.

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