Meta Krese

Meta Krese’s photographs speak of appearance and reality. The reality is today’s liberal market economy; the appearance is a carefully ironed tablecloth-maybe a sign that, despite everything, these women haven’t given up. The reality is that workers-women-are laid off; the appearance is the ritual of having coffee, repeated over and over, to show that life goes on. The reality is despair; the appearance is a flower, wrapped in cellophane, on a table, potted plants in the window, snow-white curtains. Oh, these tidy kitchens!
Some might think that the women in these photographs are dreaming the world upside down: reality is appearance and appearance is reality. But a sign in one of the photographs turns the upside-down world back onto real ground: LONG LIVE CAPITALISM AND EXPLOITATION!

Zoja Skušek

Meta Krese started with the project in 2003 and is still in progress.

Textile Workers

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